Are You a "Power" Dresser?

Clothes are Becoming Battery Packs

How would you like to be able to wear a battery pack for your cell phone or iPod?  The technology is just around the corner.  Using a combination of electronic devices and wearables (clothing), can provide an opportunity to use surfaces that are exposed to the sun to produce power.  Photovoltaic flexible thin film can be added to textiles and create a "battery pack" that can be worn out in the sun and power your handheld gadgets.  The photovoltaic modules come in a wide array of sizes from 2"x4" to 8.5"x11".  These can be rolled into a 3 inch diameter without being damaged and continue to function if they become punctured or scratched.  The fashion industry is getting involved, in that, they are willing to design fabrics that work well with the "print" of the solar panel.  So, you could soon be wearing neckties and jackets that double as a charger for your latest gadget. 


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