MIT Students Find Innovative Solar Panels

Can This Type of Solar Panel Energize the World?

Recently, students at MIT have come up with a parabolic collector that has the ability to melt steel.  Not that melting steel is in high demand.  But, this relatively inexpensive, easy to find parts for, technology can mean really good news for the solar power industry.  In the demonstration the students did, they aimed a set of mirrors at a board, which violently combusted.  By aiming it at a more reasonable target, black pipes filled with liquid, they can create instant steam.  This, can then turn turbines and generate electricity or heat.  The frame for the mirrors is made from aluminum tubing.  The dish is a 12 foot bank of mirrors which, when aimed at a single focal point, can magnify the sun's light by 1000 times.  The students were able to assemble the frame in just a few weeks. They feel that this can be mass produced and reach the most remote parts of the planet.


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