UK Finding Green Solutions to Old Buildings

Manchester, England puts 7,000 Solar Panels on Skyscraper

So, what do you do when your skyscraper begins to "decay" and starts sloughing off debris that bonks passersby in the heads? Well, in Manchester, England, a business has found an eco-friendly solution. They have replaced the debris with 7,000 solar panels. These panels, plus 24 wind turbines will be helping this building create it's own power. The panels are only on the top section of the tower, so the office space on the lower floors will still be able to have windows. This solution is not necessarily the most cost efficient; i.e. it will probably never recoup it's cost, shich is $10,000,000.00, but it is a part of the UK's plan to reduce their carbon output by 60% before the year 2050.

The panels are not movable to catch all the sun's rays, but even in foggy Manchester, they are saying it will create "enough energy to make 9,000,000 cups of tea." That's a lot of tea! But, in American geeky terms, that's enough power to run 1,000 PC's.


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