Staples Company Gets Free Solar Power System

Grants help Staples with Huge Solar Panels

A Staples Distribution plant in Killingly, Connecticut, has been given grants to provide a rooftop solar (photovoltaic) system that is larger than a football field.  It will cover 74,000 square feet of rooftop space and will provide 433 kilowatts of power.  That is enough to power to provide 14% of the power needed for the distribution center, or enough to power 36 homes in the area per year. 

The center will be able to purchase the electricity from SunEdison at a rate at or below the cost of power off the grid.  This will enable more homes to use the power on the grid during the high peak times of day. 

Staples has a strategy to reduce the company's carbon emission by 7% by 2010.  This strategy was initiated in 2001. The solar power system will help move toward accomplishing this goal.


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