Canada Sets up a Solar Community

52 Homes Benefit From Central Solar System

A town in Canada is leading the way in solar power.  The entire community is powered by solar power.  The town is Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.  They have 800 solar panels placed on house tops and garage roofs throughout the community.  These panels  produce 1,5 megawatts of power during the summer days and also provides heat to the homes in the winter months.  In fact, this system provides 90 % of the hot water and heating needs of the community.

There are 52 homes in the community and are all connected to the system.  They run a Glycol Solution through insulated pipes that connect the system.  It is then transferred to a central Energy Center.  The heat is then transferred to a heat exchanger and the solution returns to the solar panels to be reheated.  The Central Energy Center has both short term and long-term storage.  The long-term system takes the heated water to an underground series of pipes, this heats up the surrounding ground.  It heats the ground to 80 degrees C (176 degrees F) The heat is stored in this insulated area during the summer months and used to help heat the homes and their water during the winter months. 

The homes in the community are relatively small 1400-1600 square feet and are close together-making the system workable.  The homes have also been built out of recycled materials wherever possible.  Truly making this a "green" community.


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