GEOS: The First Fossil Fuel Free Community in the USA

America Plans 250 Home Self Sustaing Community

Not to be left behind by other countries that are building "green communities", the United States has its own plan.  In Arvada, Colorado, they are planning a rather large community.  It is being dubbed GEOS:  The first fossil fuel free community in the USA.

They hope to become totally self-sustainable.  They are planning to harness power from the Earth and the Sun to eliminate the use of any fossil fuels. 

There will be 250 homes that range in size from 850-3500+ square feet, and be divided into four neighborhoods. 

The community plans to use both active and passive solar energy collection methods.   The homes will be built to maximize use of the sun, with strategic placement of windows, doors and awnings.  They are also placing photovoltaic panels on top of the homes that will collect energy and send it to the grid for storage. 

For less-than-sunny days, geothermal energy will be used from an underground storage system.  Thus, the Earth will provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer months.  There will also be a monitoring system that will help the home owners be aware of their energy consumption, to keep everyone on track.


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