Sydney Shows Off Solar Ferry

Sydney Australia Uses Solar Ferry For Transport

On your next trip to Sydney, Australia, keep your eyes open for the solar powered ferry. It is called the Solar Sailor. This unique boat has taken its design from insects. It has a flexible "wing" that is covered in solar panels. It moves to soak up all the sun it can and the wings double as a sail helping the boat move with solar and wind power. When the winds get to be too much, the "wings" fold down against the boat. On cloudy, calm days the ferry is still powered by fuel. The first boat was put into use during the Sydney Olympics and can carry over 100 people. The company is planning to build many more of these ferries. This new technology can be used for anything from cruise ships and tankers to unmanned naval vessels.  In fact, on your next trip to the Statue of Liberty, you just might be on a solar powered ferry.


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