Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls For Million Solar Roofs

Californiz Governor Wants Californians To Look To The Sun

California Governor, Arnold Swarzenegger, has proposed a law that would create a rebate program for a "Million Solar Roofs" program that he would like to see put in place.  The state has just 20,000 "solar roofs" at this point in time.  He would like to see solar power replace the natural gas powered energy plants in his state.  3,000 megawatts of production would replace 3 natural gas plants.

With the 20,000 roofs and the solar power plant in the desert, it only created 660 megawatts in all of 2007.  It only takes 40 minutes for that much electricity to be produced by Rosemead, a natural gas plant in Redlands.   

The California Public Utilities Commission is willing to kick in $3.2 Billion in consumer rebates to get the ball rolling, so to speak. The state's earlier incentive programs have run out of money and had to shut down.  Swarzenegger is hoping that this new plan will have more Californians looking to the sun, not only on the beaches but on their rooftops, as well.


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