People Who Live in Glass Houses

Changing power costs with solar windows

An Australian based company has come up with an idea. Build glass houses. They have designed transparent solar cells that act as windows and power generators for homes and/or businesses. These "windows" could make a significant difference in power costs, and could also generate power that could be stored or sold.

The glass is rather pink-tinged, so I guess you could say that you would be looking at the world through rose-colored "glasses". The cells contain titanium dioxide coated with a dye that increases light absorption. It can help power the house, but it doesn't overheat the house, so, in effect reduces the need to cool the house. You could actually use the glass to build the entire house! Thus, truly, living in a glass house!

If the home is built to be energy efficient throughout, it is possible to be completely self-sustaining with this "glass house"

This glass will be on the market in a few years.



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