Solar Cookers

Concentrated sunlight being used to cook your food!

In countries where there is an ever decreasing supply of wood and other fuels, solar cookers are coming to the rescue. They don't cost anything to run and use no natural resources, so humanitarian and non-profit organizations worldwide are using them to help third world nations. These cookers capture the sun's energy, and can be used to "pasteurize" water and cook anything that can be cooked on a regular stove or in a regular oven. They are safe around children, and save women and children the tiresome energy to find and gather fuel to cook with, which often means miles of walking.

These cookers work using two or three different ideas, including concentrating sunlight by using a mirror or some other reflective material. Converting light to heat, which includes using a black material to absorb the heat and keep it hot longer, and trapping the heat by using a clear glass or plastic cover to keep the heat inside.

A non-profit organization, SCI, (Solar Cookers International) has enabled 30,000 families in Africa to be able to cook, using the sun's energy. They are teaching the world that with sunshine, cooking is free and easy.


In Ghana, Zouzugu villagers like this woman prevent dracunculiasis and other waterborne diseases by pasteurizing water


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