Energy the Sun Produces in an Hour

Maximizing the amount of solar energy produced with the "peak sun"

The intensity of the sun's radiation changes, depending on time of day, weather, and season.

Experts presume that at "peak sun", there are 1000W/m2 (One thousand Watts per square meter) of power that hits the surface of the earth. So, in layman's terms, one hour of full sun produces 1kWh/m2. (One Kilowatt hour of power per meter squared).

Therefore, you could safely say that on hot, cloud-free days, you could glean the most from your solar power system.

In fact, the United Stated Department of Energy has stated that the amount of solar energy that reaches the earth at any +/- hour is greater than the amount of energy needed for the entire human population in a year. But, being in the right place at the right time helps, too.

It can be assumed that people who live in the Northern parts of the country would need more solar panels to run their system than people in Arizona or Nevada would.

You can plan your system accordingly.



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