Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar Power being used for more than just a heater

Have you ever wondered exactly what you could do with solar energy, other than heating your home or helping out with the power bill?

Here are some really neat "gadgets" that are solar powered and help our lives in many different ways.

  • How about a solar powered golf cart?
  • A solar powered car vent? This actually uses the sun to rid your car of hot, stuffy and stale air.
  • A solar powered planter that lights up at night and can safely be used near pools and water sources.
  • Solar powered mosquito annoyer - it sends out a signal that repels female mosquitoes - the ones that bite. And it is small enough to fit on your person when you are outdoors.
  • Solar powered eye shadow? Yep, it will really light up a room!
  • A Solar powered pool ionizer that ionizes the water so bacteria can't survive.
  • Deer control electric fence. Keeps deer away.
  • Solar powered address lights, so your friends can find you at night.

These may be some fun ways to use solar power, but there are also many very useful gadgets that, maybe, we take for granted. Such as the solar powered road signs that warn us of trouble ahead, or the solar powered light changers that emergency vehicles use. Of course, there's the watch we wear and the calculator we carry with us. And last but not least, the NASA satellites that run everything from TV to our GPS. Now what do you think of solar power?



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