Experimenting with Solar Energy

Using solar energy for many different things around the house and more

There are many experiments that are being carried on with solar power. Following is a collection of a few of these.

Solar chimneys are used to generate electricity by heating the air within the "chimney". This heated air then expands and rises to turn a turbine at the top of the "chimney" and generate electricity.

A solar pond is created when water in a pond or lake is high in salt-content, and is fairly deep. As the water gets deeper, it gets hotter, because of the salt in the water. An experiment was conducted at the Dead Sea, near Jerusalem. They found that at the bottom of the "lake" the temperature could reach 90 degrees C and had an estimated solar-to-electric efficiency rate of 2%.

Thermoelectric devices convert a temperature difference between materials that are un-alike and turn it into an electric current. This technology has been used by the United States in deep space missions.

Space solar power systems use the idea that sunlight is "collected" in space and then beamed to earth in the form of microwave radiation, then turned into electricity and distributed from there. The scientists are hopeful that this energy can be delivered about 96% of the time.



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