Solar Vehicles

New and improved vehicles that run on solar power instead of gasoline

New solar technologies have unleashed a wide variety of inventors, engineers, and scientists. One of the inventive processes this has brought about is the technology of solar vehicles. These are many and varied. It seems, with gas prices soaring, solar power is looking better and better all the time. Probably the one area that people are looking at the most is the solar powered car.

The engineering of a solar powered car, that is dependable and reliable, has been the goal since the 1980's. There is a bi-annual contest called the World Solar Challenge, where universities and companies compete in a 3,021 km (1,877 mile) competition across Australia. In 1987, when the competition began, the average speed of the winner was 67 kmh (42 mph). In 2007, the rules were modified to include a class using cars that could be sustainable transportation with little modification. This time the winner averaged 90.87 kmh (56.46 mph).There are similar competitions in North America and South Africa, making this a global challenge to harness the sun's power to create a new energy source for transportation.



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