Solar Air Ships

New Age propulsion system helps people get around

There are many applications for solar power. One application is the solar balloon. Solar balloons are basically like a regular balloon, in that it is filled with air. But, the balloon is black and absorbs the heat from the sun, causing the air inside to heat, which makes the balloon rise. This is like a regular hot air balloon, it just uses the sun instead of another heat source. This technology is mainly limited to toys, because of the increased weight of hauling passengers.

Another technology being developed is solar sails. This is a proposed propulsion system that uses solar mirrors that use the sun's energy to create radiation pressure. Unlike rockets, solar sails don't need any fuel. They have a relatively small thrust, but they work as long as there is sun shining on the mirrors. Also, in the frictionless vacuum of space, significant speeds are capable of being achieved.



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