Solar Car Races

Races sponsored to help increase people's knowledge about solar power

Solar car racing refers to "races" using solar powered cars. That is, cars using photovoltaic panels or other methods of capitalizing the sun's energy to power the car. Many universities enter solar powered "races" to help develop the skills and knowledge base of their students. Many corporations use it to develop their employees skills, but also see it as good PR. There is a competition specifically for high schools to compete in.

There are three main competitions. The North American Solar Challenge, The South African Solar Challenge and The World Solar Challenge. These "races" usually are sponsored by government agencies. These agencies, in turn, glean the technology from the inventiveness of the participants. These races also require a large support team, not unlike a race-car competition. This is particularly true since most of the races run through remote areas of the country.

In recent years, these "races" have turned away from speed and are focusing more on using the technology to build cars that don't have a lot of modifications, and can travel longer distances without problems.



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