Solar Combisystems

Heating buildings - large and small - with Solar Power

A solar combisystem is a system that uses solar power to provide two types of heat-space heating and water heating-from a single solar panel array. This system usually draws from another source of power when hot water is depleted from the system.

Solar combisystems can be large or small. They can help heat small homes or large business buildings.

Prior to 1990, these systems were mostly custom-built to match each home or property, but since then, they have become commercialized and these are generally used.

These combisystems use much the same technologies as those used in solar water heating as well as central heating and underfloor heating. The uniqueness of this system is how it combines these technologies and the control methods to integrate them successfully.

When used in "low-energy" buildings, this system is particularly useful. Because in low-energy buildings, the system's performance is better adjusted to the number of occupants, ventilation rates and room temperature. If you compare these advantages to a building that is not built to be low-energy, it is a more insignificant amount of energy savings.



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