Solar Powered Cars

Many companies moving towards Solar Power to reduce use of fossil fuels

Sunlight is an excellent source of energy. It can be used for many things. It can heat our homes and our water, it can give us "free" electricity, operate communication and navigational systems and even power our cars. This technology is gaining more ground every day as new discoveries are made.

Solar powered cars get their "fuel" from the sun. These cars use several hundred photovoltaic cells to "power" them. These cells convert sunlight into electricity. Each cell produces about one-half volt of electricity.

Solar car manufacturers have to make allowances for variations in sunlight. You might want to drive your car on a cloudy day, or at night. For these reasons, the electricity is collected in a battery bank that saves the power for when you need it.

If you design a car to put all the energy into driving and nothing in the battery bank, it will stop running if the sun goes behind a cloud. But, if you store too much and don't leave enough for the car to run on, it will run slowly.

There are still many questions to be answered concerning solar powered cars, but with the rising price of fossil fuels, scientists are stepping up their research to tap into this renewable and pollution-free source of power. There may come a day in the near future when solar power will replace combustion engine cars.



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