What kinds of Solar Water Heaters are there?

Different types of heaters and how they work in your home

What exactly is a solar water heater? How does it work? Where do you put it?

These are great questions and I hope to answer them with this article.

There are two types of solar water heaters: flat plate collectors and a batch collector.

A flat plate collector is usually made of a rectangular box with some type of transparent cover. This box is generally mounted on the roof of a building to collect solar energy. There are small tubes that run through the box which carry either water or an antifreeze solution. If there is water in the tubes, it is piped directly into the home's water system. If there is another solution in the tubes, such as antifreeze, it has to go through a heat exchanger that heats water.

A batch collector has a glass-insulated tank, that has been painted black to absorb heat, which holds the water. The tank absorbs and traps the heat from the sun and heats the water inside. This type of collector can be mounted on your roof or on the ground. Either way, it is plumbed into your home's water system and used to heat the water.

The number of collectors you will need depends on your hot water consumption.



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