Cost of Hot Water

How Much Does a Hot Water System Cost?

Just how much is it going to cost me to install a solar water heater? How long will it take to pay for itself?

These are great questions. Hopefully I can answer them sufficiently.

What will it cost? Well, that all depends on which system you decide to install. It will also depend on the efficiency of your home already, and how much hot water you use. There are many systems on the market and you can pick and choose with different prices, gadgets, and quality. But, to save time and energy on that, we'll stick with an average basic system. To purchase a 50-gallon batch-type heater used to heat your water, it will cost about $1500.00 USD plus installation. If you figure in a cost of about $500.00 to install it, the system will cost $2,000.00.

Let's say the system saves you $300.00 per year for heating your water. This system will then pay for itself in approximately seven years. After the seven years are up, the hot water is virtually free. There will be some minor maintenance costs and eventual replacement costs, but as long as it lasts, the power will be free.



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