Absorption Chillers

New Technology Uses Solar Power to Cool Homes

There is an interesting new technology on the market that uses solar power to cool a house. In a "Zero Energy Design" home, you can use solar power to create air conditioning. It is so effective, it can reduce the temperature of your home to 40 degrees F, which is much cooler than most humans would want it to be.

The absorption chiller concept is new to home builders, and contractors, but is highly efficient.

In the 1920's this concept was used in "gas refrigerators", especially where there was little or no electricity available. Now, by using concentrated solar energy, instead of natural gas (as they did in the 1920's), absorption chillers can be used for little or no cost and have virtually no parts to wear out. This solar heat source causes circulation, fluid/gas phase change and cooling.

This method is especially useful in hot humid areas, where temperatures soar during the day and drop only a few degrees at night.



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