Solar Power Used for Drying

Using UTC's to Dry Clothes and Other Items

Have you ever had a clothesline? Pretty efficient way to dry clothes, right? You wash the clothes, hang them on the line, they magically dry, for free, I might add; then you bring them in. Did you realize that you are using solar and wind power to dry them?

Solar power can be used in a wide range of ways to heat and dry everything from clothes to coffee beans. There is actually a right to dry law in at least three states in the United States.

In Georgia, a solar field of 114 parabolic dishes, genereate 50% of the energy used in a clothing factory.

Also, unglazed transpired collectors (UTC) are perforated sun facing walls, which preheat ventilation air. They can raise the incoming air's temperature to 22 degrees C. And can deliver a temperature of 45-60 degrees C. These have a relatively short payback time (3-12 years), which make them more cost effective than some systems. This type of system is used in Costa Rica to dry coffee beans and in India to dry marigolds.



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